Eurocps Associates

Eurocps Associates are:

  • Well known people with considerable experience and reputation in their area of expertise &
  • Newly emerging and talented people building the profession for tomorrow.


Current Associates

Professor, Dr. Ken Evans  (D.Psych; P.G. Dip Soc Admin; BSc; Dip G.P.T.I; Dip Scpti; FRSA; FEAIP; Hon.Member EAGT))

Ken is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and a Fellow of the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.  In September 2014 he was elected an Honorary member of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy for his significant contribution to Gestalt therapy. He facilitates Master classes for experienced therapists in the UK, France and Europe. He has written  several articles and books and is currently co-editor of the European Journal for Qualitative Research in Psychotherapy. He is a Visiting Trainer at several European training centres and  is particularly interested in the interface between spirituality and therapeutic engagement in clinical practice and organisational settings as well as issues connected with Human Rights and Social Responsibility.  In 2012 he was elected a Visiting Professor of Psychotherapy to the University of South East Europe - USEE. He was elected Visiting Professor of Theoretical and Applied Psychology, Union university in November 2014. He was the Founding President (1996-99), and Registrar (2004 and 2013) of the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy (EAIP). In 2013 he was elected President of EAIP again after twenty years.

In December 2009 the Board of Trustees and Chair of the United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy awarded Ken a Certificate for his Outstanding Contribution to UKCP and Services to Psychotherapy.

Ken was President of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) 2002-2008 and President of the European Association for Psychotherapy 1994-95. Ken has been awarded European certification with EAP, EAGT and EAIP.

Ken was elected President and Acting Registrar for the newly formed European Interdisciplinary Association for Therapy with Children and Young People

He is co-author with Linda Finlay of the book: Relational Centred Research for  Psychotherapists: exploring meanings and purpose,  published by Wiley-Blackwell in September 2009. He has co-authored two other books with Maria Gilbert on Psychotherapy Supervision, OUP, 2000 ( now published in 5 languages) and Integrative Psychotherapy, Palgrave Macmillan, 2005 ( published also in Croatia, the Czech Republic and Romania) and numerous book chapters and articles.


Joanna Hewitt Taylor MSc Gestalt Psychotherapy, MA Social Work,

Until November 2009 Joanna was an Executive Director at the Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute, UK where she also ran the Gestalt Psychotherapy programme and co-ran the Supervision training course. Since November 2009 she has re-located her full time focus to support the rapid growth and development of Eurocps. Formerly a Senior Social Worker with the Family Services Unit in Leicester she now has a private practice in Scarborough and is a Visiting Trainer to several Institutes in Europe, including more recently Slovenia, Croatia and Greece. Together with Ken Evans she co-leads  a training programme for graduate psychotherapists wanting to work  with Children and Adolescents, both in the UK and Europe.

Joanna holds the European Certificate of Gestalt Therapy (EAGT).  Over the years Joanna has assimilated components from a range of psychotherapy approaches and was recently (2006) awarded the European Certificate of Integrative Psychotherapy (EAIP).

Until recently she was External Examiner for an Integrative Training Institute in Ireland and has extensive teaching experience in social work. She is the author of several articles and  research publications. Joanna is the Co-Director of Eurocps.


Daan van Baalen  (Norway)

Daan van Baalen is co-founder of the Norwegian Gestalt Institute (NGI) and Rector of NGI college. He has developed training programmes in gestalt psychotherapy, coaching and organisational development in Norway, Netherlands and Belgium and  is a Visiting Trainer in several European countries. While being a university lecturer at the Erasmus University, Netherlands he was engaged in research with chronic diseases and psychotherapy. he has written articles in several languages and is co-editor of the European Journal for Qualitative Research in Psychotherapy

Daan was External Relations Officer for the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) until 2007 and Chair of the Norwegian Association for Psychotherapy (NFP). He is a member of the board and recognised expert for the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) and a member of the International Federation of Gestalt Training Organisations (FORGE).

Dr Paul Barber (UK) (PhD; MSc; BA; RNT; RMN; SRN;RNMS)

Professor of Gestalt in research and organisations at Middlesex University, a fellow of the Roffey Park Institute. He is ex-director of the Human Potential Research Project at Surrey University. he has written numerous article and more recently the book: Becoming a Gestalt Practitioner Researcher: A Gestalt Approach to Holistic Inquiry ( Middlesex University Press).He  teaches  on the Masters programme at the Roffey park Institute and on the Professional Doctorate programme at Metanoia/Middlesex university.

Gro Skottun (Norway)

Gro Skottun, MSc is Norwegian, trained as a social worker and gestalt psychotherapist. She is the co-founder (1986) and co-leader of Norsk Gestaltinstitutt (NGI) where she also is a trainer and supervisor. She is the co-founder and co editor of Norsk Gestalttidsskrift. She has written several articles about different aspects of gestalt therapy. She also practices as a therapist where she works with individuals, couples and groups. Gro is a member of the board of the International Federation of Gestalt Training Organisations.

Bob Cooke BA, CTA, TSTA, PGCE, UKCP registered psychotherapist.

Founding Director of the Manchester Institute for Psychotherapy in the UK. Integrative Psychotherapist with a particular interest in dissociation and trauma.

Steffy Cooke

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Karen Burke

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Hazel Marshall

I've been running a Transpersonal centre in Leicestershire since 1989, putting on weekend workshops and (four times, with gaps between) a two-year experiential course. People come in small but steady numbers, not for any kind of qualification but for the experience of doing the work and meeting each other. A private practice in counselling and therapy since 1980, has also run steadily on.

I've been lucky enough to become archivist for the work of  Transpersonal pioneers Ian Gordon-Brown and Barbara Somers. Two books have already been published: 'Journey in Depth', a verbatim account of their training courses; and 'The Fires of Alchemy', Barbara's unique take on that fascinating subject. The third, 'The Raincloud of Knowable Things', should be available in 2008 from Archive Publishing.

As for me, I like gardening, playing the piano, reading, cycling, very amateur astronomy – I've recently acquired my own telescope.

Lydia Noor

Lydia is a UKCP accredited integrative psychotherapist, supervisor and trainer.  From 2009 and 2013 she was course leader for the Diploma in Integrative Psychotherapy and co-director of SCPTI: Scarborough Psychotherapy Training Institute in the UK.  In 2013, Lydia launched her own institute, NESTT: Northern Educational Studies with Therapeutic Training, to coincide with a new diploma in psychotherapeutic counselling with psychotherapeutic studies in education (  This unique programme is registered with the education section of EIATCYP: European Interdisciplinary Association for Therapy with Children and Young People.  

Lydia trained originally as a teacher and has over 30 years experience of working in schools.  Over recent years Lydia has developed and delivered certificate and diploma level training at the interface of therapy and education.  She is currently studying for an M Ed by research at the University of York, on the impact of therapeutic skills in the school environment.
Lydia works as a psychotherapist in a private practice with adults and teenagers and continues to work part-time as a therapist, supervisor and trainer in a large secondary school in the north of England.

Dr. Heward Wilkinson,D. Psych, UKCP Fellow, UKCP Registered Psychotherapist, is an Integrative Psychotherapist based in London with a special interest in the interface between religion, philosophy, the arts, and psychotherapy. His book The Muse as Therapist: A New Poetic Paradigm for Psychotherapy is published by Karnac/UKCP Series:                               

He is dedicated to promoting and protecting a serious pluralistic and deconstructionist position and dialogue, within psychotherapy and the politics of psychotherapy, and has had various central roles in UKCP and EAP during the last 20 years, including editing International Journal for Psychotherapy from 1994-2004. He offers creative facilitation in a wide variety of contexts: including the interface between art and psychotherapy; between existential and psychoanalytic approaches in psychotherapy; a non-medical approach to psychosis; supervision; conflict resolution; and the use of the internet in group therapy and group process.  I try to bring jest and humour to serious matters without dismissing their seriousness.        


John Deacon BA, MA, PGCE

John is an accredited UKCP integrative psychotherapist who has an adult private practice in North Yorkshire and also works locally with young people in schools and in a training  organization. He is presently in the process of completing a conversion course in psychotherapeutic counseling with children and young people at TACT, where he is also undertaking supervision training and an Associate Trainer  programme. John's background is in teaching and  senior management in schools and colleges. He has a broad experience of curriculum design, implementation and management at further and higher education level and has worked with colleges in France, Germany and Spain.


Dr. Dragica Kozaric Kovacic (Croatia) Dr Kozaric Kovacic is a psychiatrist and Head of the Trauma Clinic at the Hospital Dubrava in Zagreb,Croatia. She is an expert on post traumatic stress disorder among war veterans. She is registered as an Integrative psychotherapist with the Croatian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy and the European Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.

Daniel Mercieca

Daniel is a UK trained and state registered dramatherapist (Health Professions Council, UK).  At present he coordinates a multidisciplinary support services team that works in the field of education and out of home care.  He has practiced in a variety of settings including educational support centers, community settings, support to health / social care professionals, services for persons with disability and rehabilitation settings.  He specializes in work with children and adolescents facing emotional and behavioural difficulties especially in out-of-home placements and pursues research in this area.  He is also trained in Applied Systemic Theory, Integrative Relational Supervision and is one of the founder members of the Creative Arts Therapies Society in Malta.  He lectures in the arts therapies and facilitates training workshops in the use of play / art techniques in working with children / adolescents.

Dr. Nurith Levi, Ph.D., M.S.W., C.F.T., Graduate of the Faye Ratner Gestalt Program at Tel-Aviv University. Founder and elected chairperson of the Israeli Association of Gestalt Therapy. . Member of EAGT, trains and leads Gestalt workshop in Israel and Europe. Member of the board of the Israeli Association for Psychotherapy, former editor of the newsletter of the Israeli Association For Family and Couples Therapy.

 Dean of students and senior lecturer at the Beit-Berl College where she leads Gestalt groups with students, educational counselors, teachers, and supervisors of the ministry for education.

For 15 years Nurith volunteered as the Senior clinical advisor and supervisor of the National Council for the Child and as senior member and supervisor of the Forensic - Psychological  Evaluation Center for Families and Adolescents attached to the Family District Court System.

In private practice in Tel-Aviv as individual, family and couple therapist, supervisor and group therapist.

Dr. Riccardo Zerbetto (Italy) Dr. Riccardo Zerbetto is a psychiatrist and gestalt psychotherapist who runs the gestalt Training Institute in Milan.

He is a former President of the European Association for Psychotherapy.

Karl Gregory  RGN, RMN, MSc Counselling, MCS (accredited) MBACP

Karl has an MSc in counselling (University of Bristol) and a 20 year background in psychiatry as a nurse and manager of local services.

He also has extensive experience as a workshop facilitator working with students in universities, employees and managers in organizational settings and with psychotherapists and counselors. He worked for the University of Bristol for six years where he coordinated and taught on a Diploma in Counseling –Organizational Settings and has been an external examiner for a number of universities in the south of England. He is a co-facilitator and founder of a Certificate in Supervision run by Palmoasis.

Karl has a private practice as a counselor, supervisor and as a trainer in voluntary and statutory organizations, especially in the fields of communication skills, stress management, mental health and relational aspects of counseling.

 Karl is an integrative counselor with a focus on relational, existential and systems approaches. His other passions are his family life, music and gardening

Vicki Palmer BA (hons) Psychology, Dip Counseling, MBACP (Sen.Accred, counselling and supervision), Cert Supervision

Vicki has over 25 years experience of working in the voluntary sector, the public sector, and in private practice as a counselor, supervisor, trainer and consultant.

Having started her working life in the NHS, she has a particular interest in integrated, accessible health services. Vicki is the Director of Palmoasis, founded in Scotland in 2000 and moved to the south west of England in 2004. Through this organization she has organized supervision for counselors and provided consultation to a primary care counseling service in Bristol.

Vicki has trained counselors to diploma level, most recently at Bristol University, where she taught on their diploma for counselors in organizational settings. This developed further her commitment to working with organizations as well as individuals. It has also led to developing a supervision training which is sensitive to organizational context as well as to relational context.

Vicki currently works in Bradford on Avon from the Manu Centre, which she founded in 2004, as a centre for integrated complementary healthcare. Vicki uses a person-centred integrative approach in her work with clients and supervisees.

As well as enjoying her work, she loves to spend time with her family of five children who live in England, Scotland and Australia

Dr. Panos Assimakis

Founder and Director of the Athens Synthesis Centre and currently President of the Greek National Psychotherapy Association. The Synthesis Centre provides a range of programmes in Counseling and Psychotherapy with Adults and with Children and Young People. Panos is a member of the Governing Board and EAIP and EIATSCYP.

Dr. Jan Roubal (Czech Republic)

Jan Roubal, M.D. is a psychotherapist, psychiatrist and supervisor.  He is a member of a training staff of the Institute for Gestalt Therapy in Prague, founder and trainer of the Training in Psychotherapy Integration in Czech Republic. He teaches psychotherapy and psychiatry at Masaryk University in Brno. He writes articles mostly about psychotherapy in clinical practice and is interested in diagnostics in psychotherapy, creativity and qualitative research in psychotherapy. He co-edited a Czech book „Current Psychotherapy“. He is a member of EAP, EAGT and SPR. ,

Dr Kyriakos Platrites

Senior Psychologist, Mental Health Services, Cyprus and Professor of Psychotherapy at the Cyprus Institute for Psychotherapy. Dr. Platrites trained with the late Professor Peter Hawkins in the European Institute for Psychotherapy, UK. He has extensive experience in the field of substance abuse.

Dr. Linda Finlay

 Linda is an existential-relational integrative psychotherapist having originally qualified as an occupational therapist ( not practising). In her academic work she offers consultancies, mentoring and training on the use of qualitative research methodology. She also teaches psychology and writes educational materials for the Open University (UK). She has published widely being best known for her textbooks on psychosocial occupational therapy, groupwork and qualitative research. Her research interests include the application of existential phenomenological, hermeneutic and relational approaches to exploring the lived experience of disability. She is currently researching the lived-experience of trauma. Her most recent books are research orientated: ‘Phenomenology for therapists: Researching the lived world’; ‘Relational-centred research for psychotherapists’ (co-authored with Ken Evans); ‘Qualitative Research for Allied Health Professionals’ (co-edited with Claire Ballinger); and ‘Reflexivity: a Practical Guide for Researchers in Health and Social Science’ (co-edited with Brendan Gough).  

Helen Rowlands

Helen qualified as an UKCP registered integrative psychotherapist in 1995 having worked in counselling and education since 1979. She has trained further in Gestalt and in Supervision. A former secretary & chairperson of the Welsh Psychotherapy Society, she held a consultant psychotherapist post in the NHS prior to becoming co-director of The Welsh Psychotherapy Partnership Ltd. Helen’s practice includes counselling, psychotherapy, supervision, training  & consultation. She addressed the Seren conferences in 2001, 2002 & 2004 and the Royal College of Nursing Congress in 1997. Her current interests are in the interplay between the act of writing and the experiences of intersubjectivity and also  somatic experiences in parallel processes..  As a lesbian psychotherapist with a strong Celtic heritage, Helen is committed to exploring the social and cultural perspectives in her work.

Angela Carr 

Angela is a qualified as a Gestalt Psychotherapist, supervisor, trainer and organizational consultant.  In private practice she has worked as a consultant and supervisor for charities working with: domestic violence; substance misuse and community counselling.  Alongside this with over ten years experience of employment in the NHS working with patients, staff, and Service Improvement teams Angela has been able to explore her interest in organizational culture and boundary crossing.  She is a Visiting Trainer in Romania and Scarborough and holds the European Certificate of Integrative Psychotherapy (EAIP).

Ann Marie Clarke

Ann Marie Clarke has promoted health and wellbeing in the UK for almost 30 years. Initially she practised as a Nurse in the NHS, Industry and voluntary sector and later she qualified as a Psychotherapist working in Primary Care and private practice.

In 2005 Ann Marie relocated to Jersey with her growing family where she has built a thriving private practice and manages an Integrative Psychotherapy Training Programme with the European Centre for Psychotherapeutic Studies, just a brief ferry ride across the water in Normandy.  Ann Marie is informed by a broad range of professional and personal experience enabling her to practice holistically, integrating a variety of psychotherapeutic models to suit the requirements of her client. She works with individuals, couples and groups and is currently developing her skills as a supervisor and trainer.

Dr Benna Chase (DPsych; MPsy; Dip.GPTIM; B.A.(Hons))

Benna is a Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist. She works in the field of Oncology and Palliative Care, having set up the Psychological Services in the Oncology Department at Sir Paul Boffa Hospital, Malta. She has a special interest in the way spirituality and religion can contribute to the growth of both the practitioner and the client in the areas of Dying and Bereavement, her main areas of specialization. Benna is also involved in supervision of therapists and supervisors and in lecturing and conducting workshops for both students and various professionals
Joanna Kato MSc Psychology.

Joanna is a Psychologist, Speech Therapist and Gestalt psychotherapist and lives and works in Athens.She graduated in psychology ( Catholic University of Lublin, Poland) and Speech Therapy (University of Marie Curie Sklodowska, Poland). She completed her psychotherapy training in Gestalt therapy at the Gestalt Foundation in Athens and is a member of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT). She is also the current Treasurer of the Hellenic Association of Gestalt Therapy.

From 1994 till 2001 she worked as a School Psychologist in Athens, where she also worked as a volunteer for Doctors of The World (counseling and street work with drug abusers). Since 2006 she has worked at the Detention Centers for emigrants awaiting deportation, employed by the NGO ‘Medical Intervention’ and is responsible for the psychologist team working at the Detention Centre.

Joanna also supervises the team working in the Social Centre for Refugees. Joanna enjoys working with people from different cultures, migrants, as well as persons  experiencing  difficult  family relations and crises.

In her private practice Joanna works  with individual clients, adults and children. She also works as a speech therapist with children.

Joanna is a Supervisor having completed her supervision training in France at the European Centre of Psychotherapeutic Studies with Joanna and Ken Evans.

Maruša Zaletel

Marusa Zaletel is a graduate Psychologist of the University of Ljubljana and a Certified Integrative Psychotherapist with the IIPA and EAIP. She is also trained in EMDR. She started her career in a mental health organization and is working now in her private practice in Kranj, Slovenia as a psychotherapist and supervisor. She delivers workshops for trainees at the Institute for Integrative Psychotherapy and Counseling in Ljubljana. She is preparing to be certified as an Integrative Supervisor. She completed  research and written few articles about the use of breathing in psychotherapy and about psychotherapy and introjection. Her other interests are integrating body and spirituality into psychotherapy.

Karen Davies-Hough

Karen Davies-Hough is an Integrative Psychotherapist working in the United Kingdom. She  is the former Chair of the United Kingdom and European Association for Psychotherapeutic Counselling and is currently the Treasurer and Registrar of the European Interdisciplinary Association for Therapy with Children and Young People; she also runs a training organisation in the North East of England that specialises in training Child Psychotherapeutic Counsellors.

Karen’s background was formally a Teacher then she worked in Social Care as a Child and Family Social Worker and subsequently  as a Fostering Officer. Throughout her career she has been aware of the lack of access to therapy  opportunity for children.  Her passion has been to bring to educate counsellors specifically trained to work with children, young people and families.

Karen works as a UKCP Registered Integrative Psychotherapist, Trainer and Supervisor with Therapy And Counselling Teesside, enjoyingthe variety and challenge of her work.

Professor, Dr. Anitei Mihai

Head of Department of Psychology (since 2006) and Reader at the University of Bucharest. He is an excellent communicator and in addition to his native Romanian he speaks English and French. He has  extensive publications and is a valued and respected teacher on the Integrative Psychotherapy program of the Romanian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.

Associate professor, Dr Mihaela Chraif

Research Fellow in the Department of Psychology at the University of Bucharest. An enthusiastic and highly committed researcher with extensive publications and participation at national and international conferences. She is a teacher on the Integrative Psychotherapy program of the Romanian Association for Integrative Psychotherapy.

Mikela Smith La Rosa

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Rose Galea 

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